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Another World Right in Plano

May 31, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Collin County is a melting pot of cultures with many nationalities represented in our population and retail stores. With restaurants, clothing and house decor stores of every country, we are blessed to experience the world right in our backyard.  Recently, we decided to make Pad Thai and decided to get out of our box and visit an authentic Asian grocery - Jusgo Supermarket.

20170520-863620170520-8636Snacks, desserts, or ingredients for your favorite dishes are all here. It was a complete sensory experience as we stepped into the grocery.  Everywhere were new things to see, smell and hear.  While the aisle signs are also in English, the sounds of multiple languages being spoken 20170520-862920170520-8629Seafood galore! made it feel like we had traveled into another country. 

Probably the most interesting area of the store for us was the seafood section.  Here you can find large tanks of swimming catfish, lobsters, shrimp and more along with freshly cut whole fish. Along the tanks are large crates filled with live frogs, crawfish, and turtles as well as tables filled with ice and large fish.  Individuals walk up and take their pick.  20170520-863420170520-8634One got away!


The produce section was also filled with unfamiliar items like the largest mushrooms and longest green beans I have ever seen.  The fruits and herbs that looked delicious and I picked up small Thai chilis that added a great deal of spice to my dish. 

20170520-864020170520-8640Makes me wish I liked green beans! Of course, the aisles were filled with everything else you need to make delicious Asian dishes from soups to desserts.  If only I knew how to make it all!


Jusgo anchors a block of stores and restaurants focused on Asian cuisine.  We stopped in the popular Bobaland ( to try 

their bubble tea.  My mango smoothie had cayenne straw that added a lot of spice to the refreshing drink!  At the other end of the center, near the food court, was a store filled with teas, dried mushrooms, and more.  This beautiful store was filled with bins set out like display cases and crystal chandeliers - more jewelry store than herb store. No pictures allowed there so you have to stop in to see it yourself. 20170520-862620170520-8626A refreshing stop for shopping or after the movies at Cinemark, across the street.


It was a wonderful afternoon exploring Asia without every leaving Plano and I highly recommend it, especially if you want to try your hand at authentic cuisine – homemade or at a restaurant.  We haven’t tried any of the restaurants in there yet, but heard great things about the crepe stand in the food court so let us know your favorites in this area or if we need to try any other corners of the world in Collin County.


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